Who is eligible to apply?
ANSWER: Anyone who is at least 18 years of age can complete an application for public housing.

How and where does a person apply?
ANSWER: Applications can be completed in person at the JHA's main office. They can also be requested by phone, fax or online.

How much will rent be?
ANSWER: Everyone living in public housing pays the same percentage (30%) of their income for rent and utilities. This means there are no surprises or hidden costs such as huge gas bills in the middle of winter!

Can I bring my pet?
ANSWER: Yes, you most certainly can. Residents are permitted to own either a cat or a dog (some size restrictions apply). A pet deposit ($100) is required as are current vaccination records.

Are apartments furnished?
ANSWER: Every apartment includes a range, refrigerator and air conditioner. No other furnishings are provided.

What about elevators?
ANSWER: All three buildings have complete elevator access. Residents never walk steps unless they want to!

Where do I wash my clothes?
ANSWER: Clean, modern, and extremely reasonable coin-operated laundries are conveniently located at each site.

Are children allowed?
ANSWER: Both the Hotel Jamestown and the Father Rafael Senior High Rise are for adults only. Minor dependents are however permitted to reside in the Chadakoin Apartments.

What about parking facilities?
ANSWER: Residents of both the Hotel Jamestown and the Chadakoin Apartments are permitted to park their privately owned vehicle free of charge in the Cherry Street Ramp. High Rise residents who drive will be assigned a designated parking space on site.

How long will I have to wait for an apartment?
ANSWER: Very honestly, that depends. While there is no such thing as an 'average wait', it generally takes a matter of months; not weeks, but certainly not years either. Special circumstances such as health, urgency of need, rental history, flexibility of location, etc., are always taken into consideration. This enables the JHA to assist those who are most deserving, in the fastest manner possible.

Section 8 FAQ's

Who can apply for Section 8?
ANSWER: Anyone 18 years or older can apply.

Where do I apply?
ANSWER: Applications are available in the Section 8 Office. They are also available by mail.

How do I find an apartment?
ANSWER: Once eligible, an applicant must search for a suitable unit, located within the City of Jamestown. Staff will provide up-to-date landlord listing as an excellent place to start.

How long is the waiting list?
ANSWER: This is a difficult question to answer, but the average length of stay on the waiting list is approximately one year. The JHA's waiting list is currently 'open', meaning new applications are presently being accepted.

Once I find an apartment I like, must it be inspected?
ANSWER: Yes! Once you and the landlord come to an agreement regarding the lease, the unit must be inspected by the JHA. The most common reasons for failure are peeling paint (possible lead hazard), faulty wiring, missing smoke detectors, and lack of heat and/or hot water.

Can I change apartments and/or relocate?
ANSWER: During the first year of a lease, both the landlord and the Housing Authority must agree to allow a recipient to relocate. As for the moving or 'porting' to another city or state, it may or may not be possible, depending upon the cost of housing in the area you are moving to. Your JHA representative will explain this answer in more detail when appropriate.